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MOR Peony Blossom Reed Diffuser 180ml

MOR Peony Blossom Reed Diffuser 180ml

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Create a relaxing atmosphere at your home or workspace by infusing it with scents that calm the senses and eases stress. Reed diffuser is a convenient and perfect solution to creating a therapeutic setting, whether at home or at work.  

Inspired by classic literature, MOR Peony Blossom Reed Diffuser has an aroma reminiscent of an enchanting tale. It has an oil-based formula which works better when used in a diffuser and also gives off a stronger scent.

It comes in a decorated gift box containing a diffuser made of glass and 5 reed sticks.


Fragrance Notes

Top: Orange, Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple

Heart: Lily, Sugar, Peony

Base: Vanilla


How to Use

  1. Place the reed sticks on the diffuser to absorb the diffuser oil.

  2. Flip the reed sticks so the ends dipped in oil is exposed in the air while the dry ends are inside the diffuser.

  3. To refresh the fragrance, keep flipping the reed sticks.



Reed sticks and diffuser oil are harmful when ingested. Keep out of children’s reach.

Spilled diffuser oil can ruin furniture. Always wipe the bottom of the diffuser bottle.

Diffuser oils are flammable. Keep away from open flame.

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