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innisfree - Jeju Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream 50ml

innisfree - Jeju Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream 50ml

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A clear gel cream that delivers abundant hydration to dry and dull skin for a moist and revitalized look.

1. Enhance vitality with the brightening effect of Jeju cherry blossom leaves! It contains Jeju cherry blossom leaf extract with a brightening effect that makes the skin clear, bright and vibrant.

2. Refreshing moisturizing cream with a bouncy jelly texture full of moisture! It has a refreshing sensation like bursts of water drops on the skin, creating a moist glow on dry skin as if coated with water. It is free of stickiness and because of its light texture, it can be used on a daily basis year-round.  The brightening effect of Jeju cherry leaf extracts, obtained after three weeks of low temperature aging with Jeju lava seawater, vitalizes dull skin to make it look clear and bright.

How to use: 

Apply a proper amount on the face and spread over evenly for absorption.


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