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AROMATICA - Tea Tree Balancing Emulsion 100ml

AROMATICA - Tea Tree Balancing Emulsion 100ml

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Refreshing Tea tree emulsion that puts skin concerns to rest. If you are worried about your skin that is often problematic and dry on the inside, try Tea Tree Balancing Emulsion. It fills the skin with clear, cool, and non-sticky moisture to create smooth skin. Tea tree care that provides moisture and removes oil. Natural Tea tree offers the moisture necessary for comfortable skin and lessens excessive sebum. Experience the moisture-oil balancing care offered by Tea tree. Tamarind seed and polysaccharide, which are moisturising ingredients found in nature, perfectly fill the gaps in the skin for a smooth and moisturised finish. The formula containing Burdock root, Comfrey root, and Giant plantain leaves provides moisture and controls excessive sebum to soothe skin.

How to use:

Use after a Toner. Apply a small amount to face and neck and gently massage onto the skin.


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