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PEACH & LILY Glass Skin Face Polisher

PEACH & LILY Glass Skin Face Polisher

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Peptide complex: a proprietary blend of peptides helps boost collagen production, visibly improving fine lines and deeply-etched wrinkles for a smoother, glassier appearance

Gently exfoliate and polish skin without being harsh on skin

Remove dead skin cells and flaky skin

Reveal luminous, smooth, clear Glass Skin

Visibly smooth texture

Clarify clogged pores

Soothe and calm skin

Nourish and fortify skin

Key Ingredients:

CrystalRice: a precise blend of microcrystalline cellulose, rice brand, and corn starch is activated with water for the perfect polishing formula

Clarify and reset: papaya, apple, grape, plum extracts, and salicylic acid

Soothe and calm: Green tea, allantoin, maltodextrin

Nourish and fortify: Ginseng, angelica root


Suitable for all skin types - including oily skin and sensitive skin


2.64 oz

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